The refreshing side to living in France – nature, food and drink, culture, language and our Big Picture feature along with bilingual crosswords, quizzes and book reviews – plus what makes it the world’s most popular tourist destination.

March 2017

  1. What is the most common distinguishing feature of high-heeled shoes made by the designer Christian Louboutin?
  2. What is traditionally the second of the three elements in the national motto of France, not to mention in that of Haiti?
  3. In an epic 12th century folk poem attributed to Pierre de St. Cloud, which vulpine trickster’s chief enemy is his own uncle, Ysengrim the wolf?
  4. What French word can bring to mind a hazelnut, the British pop group fronted since 2003 by Shingei Shoniwa, or a small circular portion of lean lamb?
  5. Other than the club name and a small fleur-de-lys, a stylised version of what appears on the badge of Paris Saint-Germain football club?
  6. What was the elemental name of Jean-Michel Jarre’s third studio album, a synthesized extravaganza which spent much of 1977 at the top of the French charts?
  7. With its administrative centre at Lille, what is the appropriate name of the most northerly of France’s 96 metropolitan départements?
  8. With what profession would you mainly associate the young Frenchwomen Constance Jablonski, Sigrid Agren and Noémie Lenoir?
  9. Where in Paris is there a 108-metre long funicular railway that carries around two million passengers a year, mostly tourists and pilgrims?
  10. In Eugene Delacroix’s dramatic 1830 painting Liberty Leading the People, Liberty holds a rifle in her left hand. What, specifically, does she hold in her right?