What should you do if you collide with a wild animal when driving? G.F.

IF YOU run down an animal such as a wild boar or a deer there are procedures to be respected, especially if you want your insurance to pay up for damage to the car.

Firstly, you need to report the incident to the police or gendarmerie. Retain any proof that an animal caused the accident – eg. photos, or take down witness details. Tell your insurer within five working days.

Should you wish, if the animal died in the collision you are entitled to keep the carcass… but not sell it on.
The insurer may send an expert to check that the damage does correspond to a collision with a wild animal.
You will be covered if you have comprehensive insurance, but not if you only have third party (au tiers).

There might be a franchise (excess) but there should be no effect on your no claims bonus as long as the insurer is satisfied you were not at fault (eg. the animal jumped out without warning).
If there is injury to yourself, a garantie du conducteur may come into play if you have one as part of your insurance, covering matters like healthcare costs for which you are not fully covered, compensation for lost earnings, payouts in the case of invalidity etc. If there are remaining costs or you do not have such a guarantee you may be able to be compensated from a fund called the FGAO (fondsdegarantie.fr).

Should a passenger be injured your third party insurance will help.

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