Can members of the public use cheap ‘books’ postage?

Pile of several books with one on top open
Sending books by post can be inexpensive

My post office refused me the right to the cheap ‘books and brochures’ postal rate, saying it is only for businesses – is that true?  S.R.

No… Its own website says that this rate is “open to everyone: firms, associations and members of the public”. This little-known rate is only for books, brochures, papers etc… which are written in French and can be described as in some way educational, scientific or cultural and not involving advertising (this can be stretched to musical scores, homework, lessons, theses etc). In theory the cheap rate is allowed because you are ‘spreading French culture’ in the world.

Using this you can send an item up to 500g for a mere €1.28 in the EU or €2.15 worldwide (up to €8.23 and €13.72 for 5kg; there are also cheap rates up to 25kg for ‘special bags’, aimed at booksellers).

The package must have ‘livres et brochures’ written on it and you need to drop it to a post office for posting.

Download the full list of rates at the bottom of the page at: 

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