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French Healthcare 2017 Your rights and duties as an expatriate - 44 pages
Published: November 2016
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This updated, 2017, 44 page edition of our healthcare helpguide comprises information about accessing healthcare in France as an expatriate.

It includes an explanation of the healthcare rights of expats, whether working, state pensioners or early-retirees, and of how the French system works.

Contents include:
* Moving over
* Obtaining a Carte Vitale
* What a Brexit may mean for expat healthcare
* Why you have to pay your doctor and how you will be reimbursed 
* Rises in doctors’ tariffs in 2017
* The new ‘Puma’ system of residence-based healthcare rights (Previously ‘CMU’) 
* Why some doctors charge more than others but your state reimbursement is the same
* ‘Top-up’ insurance for the non-reimbursed part of medical costs
* Help for people on low incomes
* Hospital stays
* New technologies
* Dental and eye care
* Cancer screening
* Diabetes
* Pharmacies
* Vaccinations
* Pregnancy
* Mental health
* Disability benefits
* Contesting a Cpam decision