Sunday opening at Galleries

Workers at Galleries Lafayette’s flagship Paris store have started working on Sundays under new rules for ‘international tourist zones’.

Shops in the 18 zones may open on Sundays, with volunteers getting extra pay or days off. In all, 92% of staff volunteered to work up to eight Sundays in 2017 and the store will now open every Sunday. Printemps will follow suit in coming months.

It comes as the CFDT union organised walk-outs in protest at Carrefour’s plan to open most of its large stores on Sunday mornings. Food stores may open until 13.00 but the union is opposed to the “trivialisation of Sunday working”.

Leclerc says it will not follow suit, out of respect for Sunday as a day for family and friends, and because it thinks there is not enough demand, considering the high costs.

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