Why we choose organic

“Is organic really better?” you ask. Yes, it most certainly is.

The whole reason for farming organically is to stop harming planet Earth in the way that petro-chemical-using intensive monocropping does.

Eating only organically produced food is a daily decision and commitment to buy good food at the price it takes to preserve our planet both for ourselves and generations to come.

Pesticide-free food is healthier for the consumer and the organic process is infinitely more beneficial to nature.

Take one example: honey bees’ reduced powers of survival appears to be directly linked to the recently introduced neo-nicotinoid agricultural insecticides.

If honey bees are wiped out, then so shall most of us be wiped out too.

So, please show more respect for organic food producers and consumers.

They are doing their best for nature, the planet and, therefore, mankind.

Eden FOWLER, Finistère

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